Saturday, 30 January 2010


Well day 7 of the Face of Beningborough contest seen all the models having to leave the runway do to the fact someone had reported House of Beningborough had been reported for having bots! Now these that they are calling bots happen to be the models in the contest!!!!! Yes I guess at times they are not at the keyboard, I myself use this time for doing this blog but surely knowing the all seeing Lindens can see straight off that the models are not bots! I myself have over 40,000 items in my inventory with out the amount of money I spend in world and I know my friend Leesa Donner is the same plus has a business at the Truthball Cafe! Until this live modeling issue is clarified we are not allowed to do more than an hour a day at the store but the contest is still on and the final is tonight with the grand runway show so come along and support us and show the sore loser who had to report us models for being bots how much we care for House of Beningborough.
The above outfit is the photo I had done by Julie Hastings to enter the contest its the Dallas outfit :)

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